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101 Merritt 7 Corporate Park Suite 23
Norwalk, CT 06851-6216

Fax: 203.840.6678

Monday – Friday: 8:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm


What our members are saying about us.

The GFC GFC CMLS emails a survey to our members for feedback on all support calls that we handle.
We would like to share with you some of the comments we have received thus far both positive and negative.

Survey Comments 2010

Best service as usual!

Very happy with the assistance I received!

Very professional and nice!

Brian was excellent. Not an easy fix but he did it.

I was very happy that I was able to talk to a technician on Saturday and resolve my problem.

As always, very understanding and helpful.

My question was explained very well and with a pleasant tone.

Megan was most courteous, knowledgeable and professional. A+!

Chris was fantastic!!

Positive, warm and friendly vibe - I actually felt like he was happy to help!!!

MLS has a great team.

Great service - as always.

Very responsive and helpful. Thanks!

So happy to have this service - everyone does a great job and is so polite.

Brian was a fantastic help, as usual.

Happy you guys are there!

Always so helpful, thanks.

The chat feature is fabulous, and Chris was terrific! Thank you!

Great experience.

Excellent always.

Very polite and knowledgeable...

My tech was very efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Great Support my issue was handled quickly. Very pleasant people.

Excellent service as usual

Megan was great! Very patient, nice and knowledgeable. Good experience, as always. Thank you.

He was very professional. Solved the problem very quickly. Overall excellent service. Thanks

Very informative and understandable! Thanks

Excellent as always.

I have great Matrix Support with GFC. Especially compared with the other 2 MLSs I use.

We have the finest and best technical staff! Thank you for always being there for us.

Megan was very helpful and professional- resolved issue in seconds! Thank you!

Quick response. Very professional and helpful!

As always so grateful for Rob’s assistance!

Issue resolved quickly, thank you.

Megan was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!

Handled problem quickly.

Service my computer running slow. Now it's updated and cleaned up.

Rob did a great job, thank you

Very professional and Courteous service.

Megan was terrific, very knowledgeable and eager to help. Very refreshing!!

They are always very helpful and patient!

Efficient and prompt service.

Excellent service.

Rob was excellent.

CMLS support is always courteous & helpful. Keep up the good work!

Chris was very helpful.

Always good!!!!

Most helpful.

I am very happy with the result of my request!!

Chris was great.

Chris is an asset.

Megan was very pleasant and professional.

Rob was very efficient at solving my issue.

Great product knowledge, swift execution, total time of the call was under 2 minutes.

She was pleasant and professional.

Always satisfied with CMLS services. Keep up the good work!

Great job.

Always a pleasure. Everyone is patient and knowledgeable.

Megan was great!

Very professional & thorough.

Great information that I learned. Thank you.

Rob's help was amazing. He answered my initial questions and stayed with me until he answered all further questions.

A really extraordinary service! Hadn't used it previously and so pleased with the help I received. Thank you!

I think Megan is a sorceress. I don't know what she did but like magic everything came out perfect.

It was probably the most rewarding customer service experience ever from a knowledge and time perspective.

Rob is definitely a go-to guy for tech advice. He has come through for me on several occasions.

Megan was very nice. :-)

Whenever any problem -- Rob always responds & solves Many Thanks

Outstanding support!!

Recommend to anyone. Very professional.

My call was returned promptly and my question was fully answered.

Rob was courteous, knowledgeable and professional.

I have always been very pleased with the support at CMLS.

He was great.

Chris is the best! Always super helpful, knowledgeable and able to get me back up and running in no time!!

Rob Mitchell is always ready, willing and able to help solving problems. I appreciate his expertise.

Wonderful support from Robert!

I am thrilled with the service provided each time I call the CT-MLS!!! Keep up the fabulous work!

Rob and the entire MLS team, are friendly, willing to help and are great problem solvers.

Rob is great.

Megan was brilliant, as usual.

Excellent service.

Chris was great.

Rob was excellent and fixed the problem in no time. Thank you.

Megan was amazing.

Technician was very friendly and solved the problem quickly, thank you.

Megan was great.

Chris is polite and calm and answered my question with knowledge.

Megan is fabulous. THANKS Megan!

Rob is very patient and professional.

Great support staff.

Very helpful!! My computer issues were taken care of!

Rob was terrific! Thanks.

Chris was awesome - polite, professional, knowledgeable and efficient.

Excellent job. Much appreciated. One day turnaround.

Great assist with excellent attitude. Good stuff.

Always polite and efficient.

Chris is always great in his advice.

She was terrific.

Rob was most pleasant, professional and got the job done. Thank you.

Terrific...he was very knowledgeable and very precise and professional.

Wonderful service from Rob.

As always - top notch service!!!

Thank you again I am your biggest fan!

Chris was so helpful and nice to talk to plus I received my laptop back in half the time they said it would take.

My problem was resolved immediately thanks to Megan.

Chris was great and spent a lot of time getting my computer up and running.

Excellent friendly service!

Spoke with Chris, he was great!!

Chris answered my question, without a problem.

Great help and professionally & efficiently provided.

Chris is a genius! My pc is back to normal. Thank you.

He was helpful, knowledgeable, followed up in a timely manner, and fixed my computer - a great service, much appreciated.

Great job so quickly done!!!

Call was excellent and she was a great help!

Megan Van Tornhout was excellent. She cleared up all the problems. Thank you.

As always, without fail Rob is very courteous and professional, and knowledgeable. Pleasure speaking with him.

I learned that it wasn't a problem with my internet or account. Rob was very professional and did his best to help me.

Chris is a new agent's lifesaver!!

Chris was awesome.

Excellent service.


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