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Credit Card Data Security Standards

We often receive questions from members and associations about the security of NAR systems and the Realtor Ecommerce Network.

The Realtor Ecommerce Network credit card transactions are processed for payment by First Data Merchant Services (FDMS), the largest credit card processor in the US. (First Data also owns Telecheck and also part of Paymentech). FDMS meets all the credit card security standards as does the gateway from Realtor Ecommerce into the credit card companies which is Verisign, also certified as secure per the industry data security standards.

As far as NAR, our systems are behind firewalls and all data is encrypted with the highest level of encryption. No credit card information is stored on our web servers. Because we are so large, we must undergo an outside security scan by Visa/MC every quarter and we have passed every quarter so far as meeting the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. We are also required to have an independent on-site technology security audit every year which we also pass. NAR also has CyberFraud insurance from Lloyd’s of London that insures us against attacks against our systems, both internal and external.

As studies have shown, the vast majority of credit card and check fraud occurs ‘in person’ more than via the Internet. As long as members know they are on a trusted site, such as NAR or their association’s web site, and they see the site is secure (https) their information is secure. Also, as long as that merchant site, such as Realtor Ecommerce, meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, the credit card companies are also validating the safety of their data. More fraud still occurs in person with the order entry clerks, the store clerks, the waiters, the accounting staff, the mail, etc. than online so members should be aware they are actually more secure online as long as they work only with known, secure sites.

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