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GFC CMLS IDX (ver3) Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. I am the owner/broker of my company and already have GFC CMLS IDX on my company website.
What do I have to do to take advantage of version 3's new features?

Assuming you want to allow other IDX websites to (a.) include your listing's addresses, and (b.) advertise your public open houses, there is nothing you need to do other than to arrange with your IDX vendor to begin having listing addresses and open house information included on your IDX site on or after August 3rd.

2. Will my Listing's address and open house information automatically be made available for inclusion in GFC CMLS IDX websites?
Yes. By default each Company that participates in the GFC CMLS IDX program also allows the publication of listing address and open house information.

3. Even though my company has elected to allow our listing's addresses to be included on IDX sites, I have a seller who does not want their property's address included on IDX sites. What do I do?
Simply change the listing's "INTERNET_ADDRESS Y/N" ("IADR") field to "N". It is important that you change the "INTERNET ADDRESS Y/N" field to "N" by August 2nd for every listing you do not want identified by street address on IDX sites.

4. How will Open House information be made available for IDX websites?
When a listing agent schedules an Open House in Matrix, the MLS system automatically analyzes it, to determine: (a.) if it has been entered as a Public Open House ("O") or a Broker's Tour ("T"), (b.) the date of the scheduled open house, and (c.) if the listing's address can be displayed on IDX sites. After the analysis, IDX Open House information will be updated and provided to IDX sites early each morning and include just those listings with a Public Open House scheduled during the next ten calendar days; provided the listing broker has not opted-out of the IDX Open House program and the address can be displayed on IDX websites.

5. When I enter an open house in Matrix it asks me if it is an open house or a tour. What is the difference between an Open House and a Tour?
Open houses are intended for public attendance and traditionally have been scheduled on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, while Broker Tours are intended for attendance by other MLS members and are typically held on weekdays. It is VERY IMPORTANT that Tours ("T") not be identified as Open Houses ("O").

6. Why is information about Broker Tours excluded in the open house data?
By definition Broker Tours are not intended for public attendance.

7. Will IDX open house information be provided for properties that either the listing broker or the home owner has denied permission to include the listing's address information on IDX sites?
No, complete address information is critical to open houses.

8. Will all off market listings be provided to IDX sites?
No, just those that have sold and closed in the last 3 years.

9. I frequently have clients that are looking for special properties such as direct waterfront or condominiums restricted to ownership by senior citizens. Have these search features been added?
Yes, in addition to the "Direct Waterfront Y/N" and the "Adult Community Y/N", fields we have added the "REO Property Y/N" and over 35 additional fields.

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